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The leather collections of DUX International are produced according to the most advanced techniques.The maintance range of DUX-leather has been developed in close cooperation with the leather producers.

Obvious guidelines when it comes to leather:
  • Make sure the leather is not placed in full sun.
  • Don’t place your piece of furniture in the proximity of a heat source.
  • Do not use chemicals on the leather like solvents, stain removers, household chemicals, terpentine or thinner.
  • Do not use paint or shoe polish.
  • Ventilate regularly.


For the maintenance of our DUX leather qualities we ask you to visit our maintenance-page at the company LCK. Below you can find the direct link to the right page for all information en the possibility to order specific cleaning- and maintenanceproducts.

Artificial Leather

Maintenance of artificial leather is quite simple. These materials are composed of high quality components and are therefore low in maintenance.


For durable joy of your artificial leather, please clean regularly. Pollution by oil, fat and ink must be removed immediately. Clean with warm, mild soap while using a micro-fibre cloth or a soft hand brush. Please, do not use solvents, chloride, abrasives, chemical cleaning agents or wax polishes. Please note that colourings by jeans or other textiles are excluded from any manufacturer’s guarantee.

Our artificial leather collections are labeled as below to indicate that no harmful chemicals have been used.

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